Jack’s Luxury Oyster Bar

Last night was the best meal I’ve had in a year at least. Jack’s is nestled in the East Village, maybe 8 tables and a bar, relaxed and slightly lush, warm and sophisticated, all at once. We wandered in without a reservation at 7pm on a Thursday night.

The dishes are small plates with surprising, perfectly balanced flavours, all inventive but easy to access. We didn’t have a single disappointment. We ordered the tasting menu, and added a couple of additions. It came in the following progression and pairings, pitch perfect for 2:

  • East Coast Oysters, Bloody Mary foam, celery and
  • Crudo of Dayboat Fluke, grapes, buttermilk, basil, chili-salt;
  • Potato-fried Octopus, avocado puree, adobo, lime and
  • Confit Arctic Char, crisp root vegetables, yogurt, shishito peppers;
  • Pan-fried Gnocchi, crisp soppressata, sheep’s milk cheese, parsley puree, lemon balm and
  • Fresh Lunguini, beef tendon, cashews, dried ossau-iraty;
  • Slow Cooked Striped Bass, smoked creamed corn, potato-dill puree, snap peas;
  • Ricotta Beignet, lavender soaked strawberries, salted vanilla yogurt, basil

And then we went to Momofuko Milk Bar a few blocks up for soft serve (cereal milk and peaches and cream) and strawberry cake!